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Juan Rodriguez Tandil, Argentina / GMT-03


I've been working as a researcher for more than 10 years and as a TA at UNICEN

32$ / hour

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Jamil Zakirov Moscow, Russia / GMT+07

Machine Learning Engineer EyeQ Inc.

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Поможетобучающимся самостоятельно прошедшим курсы Junior Middle разобраться с проектом

I have been developing algorithms based on machine learning and computer vision for 4 years: classification, segmentation, detection, image generation (GAN, Diffusion). I am proficient in data coll...

39$ / hour

  • Первое занятие-5%
  • 5 sessions pack-5%
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Aleksandr Belov Tbilisi, Georgia / GMT+04

Senior ML Engineer

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ПоможетJunior Middle Senior прошедшим курсы разобраться с проектомсоставить карьерный планподготовиться к собеседованиюпостроить план обучения

I’m an ML Engineer with more than 5 years of practical experience. I am well familiar with product metrics. I'm experienced in scientific medical research using Deep Learning. I'm currently working o...

52$ / hour

  • Первое занятие-20%
  • 5 sessions pack-5%
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Nadezhda Zueva Saint Petersburg, Russia / GMT+03

Research Scientist with SE background and team lead experience, specialising on Spoken Language & Natural Language processing, university lecturer, 6 years. Now working on my own startups

83$ / hour

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Aleksandr Vasilev St. Petersburg, Russia / GMT+03

Head of Data Science at Crimtan.comAleksandrVasilevTech

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Поможетновичкам обучающимся самостоятельно прошедшим курсы Junior Middle Senior разобраться с проектомпрокачать навыкиподготовиться к собеседованиюсоставить карьерный планс выполнением тестового заданияс выполнением рабочей задачипостроить план обучения

- Head of Data Science in - Certified ICF coach - 7 years experience in ML/Data Science field (, GridDynamics, Crimtan) - Change of profession experience - Data Scientist's mentor ...

91$ / hour

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Artem Solomin Москва, Russia / GMT+03

Lead Data scientist NLPLanit

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For more than three years I have been doing Natural language processing. In this area, I conduct industrial research and teaching activities.

130$ / hour

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Stanislav Kapulkin Saint-Petersburg, Russia / GMT+03

Data Science SpecialistAppliedML

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Sessions complete

Mathematician-programmer with good knowledge of algorithms and deep learning. I am familiar with computer vision and NLP tasks in deep learning. The narrow specialization in which I am currently have...

46$ / hour

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