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Girish Bhat Bengaluru, India / GMT+05

Software Development Engineer (Backend) Walmart Labs

ПоможетJunior Middle

I have been working as Backend engineer and have 10 years of experience in the IT industry. Most of work is related to building micro servicces, data engineering pipelines. Currently, I am working as...

11$ / hour

  • Первое занятие-10%
  • 10 sessions pack-10%
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Igor Mosyagin Solna, Sweden / GMT+01

Data Engineer Klarna

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Sessions complete
ПоможетMiddle обучающимся самостоятельно прокачать навыкисоставить карьерный планс выполнением рабочей задачиразобраться с проектом

Pragmatic programmer with strong academic background. I did the whole Computer Science -> Science -> Data Science -> Data route. I can share my expertise in linked lists, computational physics, and ev...

55$ / hour

  • 5 sessions pack-5%
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