Become a Solvery mentor

Mentoring is one of the most convenient and effective ways to share knowledge, a cool way to help other people interested in improving their skills, and also a way to grow yourself because the process of sharing knowledge is nothing less than grow!

You can become a mentor if:

  • you are a professional in IT or Digital
  • you have experience in the IT or Digital of from 3 years
  • you are ready to share hard skills
  • you are a Senior or strong Middle developer/specialist
  • you have a PayPal account for payments
  • you have been a teacher or are you ready to learn how to teach
  • you should send your profile and after should be interviewed by our team
Abstract figure

How does mentoring work?

Man in laptop

A flexible schedule

You choose time for lessons that is more convenient for you

Two students

Motivated students

You will have just those students with who want to improve their skills

Cash dialog

Extra income

An hourly rate - you can exchange your skills and experience on money

Academic cap

Improvement yourself

Mentoring is a process during which you improve yourself

Linked people

Support from the Solvery team

We help to make a lesson plan and to help you solve any problem that may occur

Group of people

Number of students

You choose the number of students based on your schedule by yourself