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    Solvery offers a free 15 minutes call so that you can get to know your mentor, discuss your goals and questions

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Free 15 minutes!

Once the mentor is matched, we set up a test call. You will have 15 free minutes to get to know each other, discuss the studying plan and confirm the schedule

Who needs a mentor?

The mentor is like your personal career coach: will help you get better results in less time

  • NewbieHaven't worked yet
    • Finished the bootcamp but still need more to get hired
    • You learn by yourself and need guidance
    • Help to build the learning roadmap
    • Help make a great portfolio
  • Intern/JuniorFirst job
    • Found first job but it's hard to keep on
    • Need help with complex tasks
    • You want to grow faster as a professional
    • you don't want to bother collegues
  • MiddleOver 2 years xp
    • Want to learn technology from other sphere
    • Need help with architecture decisions
    • Help with the pet proect
    • Get your skills map from a higher expert
  • Startup/business
    • Help with hiring tech experts
    • Teach employees on demand
    • Get consulted by experts that can't be hired
    • Educate someone for further hire

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Testimonials from our students

Over 2300 hours of classes have been provided through Solvery

  • Иконка профиля

    Dmitriy ChernovFigured out how the Redux works with Oleg Korovin

    Based on educational sessions with Oleg, I can say that he is highly qualified specialist in his sphere, he explains everything very intelligibly, answers all my questions. I like working with him. Bought additional week..

  • Иконка профиля

    Oleg MartynovLearned how to build Game-dev processes with Andrey Kochnev

    We practice game developmenta at Budu.Jobs, so for the new project we wanted to upgrade our Unity skills. Andrey taught us how to manage processes of engagement with developers, game-designers and artists. Told us abou..

  • Иконка профиля

    Ivan KobsevFinished image classification project on TensorFlow with Sergey Menshov

    The task was: «I need to increase machine learning skills. Beginner Python level. Interested in tensorflow and pytorch frameworks. Priority is with the last one. The task at the moment is creating image classification ap..

  • Иконка профиля

    Anastasia BelyaevaStudied React and got a job after working with Makar Glavanar

    I studied React using Makar's learning program. 1 on 1 format was great. Very comfortable with timing and moving in your own temp. It's also great because you can change the program on the go according to interests and l..

There are many mentees who continue to study with mentors even after reaching their primary goal, like getting a first job or else

81% of customers are coming back later to learn new things

Media about us

  • EdTech-проект Solvery привлек инвестиции от вице-президента банка «Санкт-Петербург»
  • «В 2020 году именно у EdTech есть шанс выиграть». Кто задает тренды на российском рынке технологий в образовании
  • Российский сервис поиска наставников в ИТ Solvery привлёк инвестиции от коммерческого директора «Яндекса» Материал редакции

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