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Ruslan Zinovyev Toronto, Canada / GMT-04

Backend Java DeveloperSmile CDR

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Sessions complete

I am Java Developer with backend experience in the healthcare field. I love to learn new things and improve my skills in programming. Learning is a process that develops our brain and makes our life ...

27$ / hour

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Vlad-Emil Flore Nuremberg, Germany / GMT+01

Java Software EngineerExB Group

I am a Java Software Engineer holding a Bachelor and a Master in Computer Science and being professionally active in this field since 2008. In my professional work, I focused mainly on Web Developmen...

32$ / hour

More DetailsFree test session
Marat Miftakhov Belgrade, Serbia / GMT+01

Senior software engineer EPAM

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Sessions complete
Поможетновичкам обучающимся самостоятельно прошедшим курсы Junior разобраться с проектомпрокачать навыкиподготовиться к собеседованиюсоставить карьерный планпостроить план обучения

More than 6 years of experience. Self-taught developer, started from learning Python basics in 2016. First job was as a Salesforce developer. Since November, 2017 I have been worked as a Java develope...

32$ / hour

  • 5 sessions pack-5%
  • 10 sessions pack-10%
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Nicolas Lown Toledo, United States / GMT-10

Backend Java Developer

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Sessions complete

Hi there, I have 5 year of experience in backend, I really love helping people. If you need some project help, code review, bug fixing or just some human reflexion, contact me and I will try to help a...

30$ / hour

More DetailsFully booked
Alexander Romanyuk Istanbul, Turkey / GMT+03

Java team lead SoftwareCats

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Sessions complete
Поможетновичкам обучающимся самостоятельно прошедшим курсы Junior Middle разобраться с проектомпрокачать навыкисобрать портфолиоподготовиться к собеседованиюс выполнением тестового заданияс выполнением рабочей задачипостроить план обучения

More than 7 years in IT - all of them with Java (and Spring Framework too). I started as a support specialist, now I work as a team leader in a team of 4 people. I learned Java, Kotlin, Dart and sever...

33$ / hour

  • Первое занятие-10%
  • 5 sessions pack-5%
More DetailsFully booked
Stanislav Bashkyrtsev St. Petersburg, Russia / GMT+03

Java Team Lead Elsci

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Sessions complete
Поможетновичкам обучающимся самостоятельно прошедшим курсы Junior Middle Senior разобраться с проектомпрокачать навыкисоставить карьерный планпройти обучение по программес выполнением рабочей задачипостроить план обучения

I've been working with Java since 2008. Almost from the very beginning of my career I started to teach and help younger developers with their self-development. Last years I've been running courses for...

39$ / hour

More DetailsFully booked

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