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Girish Bhat Bengaluru, India / GMT+05

Software Development Engineer (Backend) Walmart Labs

ПоможетJunior Middle

I have been working as Backend engineer and have 10 years of experience in the IT industry. Most of work is related to building micro servicces, data engineering pipelines. Currently, I am working as...

11$ / hour

  • Первое занятие-10%
  • 10 sessions pack-10%
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Dzmitry Marudau Minsk, Belarus / GMT+03

Senior Java DeveloperSam-Solutions

Participate in a development team, producing components for new and existing applications with focus on Oracle Java technology stack. As a full stack software developer with experience in big closed c...

21$ / hour

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Alexander Romanyuk Istanbul, Turkey / GMT+07

Java team leadSoftwareCats

Поможетновичкам обучающимся самостоятельно прошедшим курсы Junior разобраться с проектомпрокачать навыкисобрать портфолиоподготовиться к собеседованиюс выполнением тестового заданияс выполнением рабочей задачи

Более 5 лет в IT. Начинал как специалист поддержки, сейчас работаю тимлидом в команде из 4 человек. Самостоятельно выучил Java, Kotlin, Dart и еще несколько языков - помогу изучить и вам. Совмещал дол...

22$ / hour

  • Первое занятие-15%
  • 5 sessions pack-5%
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Thiyagu Seran Chennai , India / GMT+05

Software Engineer IIIWalmart Global Tech India

I have 3 years of experience as a full stack developer able to handle both front end and back end single handedly. My major domain is Java and I worked with almost all the kind of javascript framework...

31$ / hour

  • 5 sessions pack-5%
  • 10 sessions pack-10%
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Vlad-Emil Flore Nuremberg, Germany / GMT+01

Java Software EngineerExB Group

I am a Java Software Engineer holding a Bachelor and a Master in Computer Science and being professionally active in this field since 2008. In my professional work, I focused mainly on Web Developmen...

43$ / hour

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Maks Atygaev Novosibirsk, Russia / GMT+07

Senior Java/Kotlin Backend DeveloperXDSOFT

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Sessions complete

I've been baking backend for 10 years. 6 of 10 by using Java with Spring. I am really impatient to discover something new and help others to get their things done. I can't wait to help you if you s...

55$ / hour

  • 5 sessions pack-5%
  • 10 sessions pack-10%
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Sudhir Miglani Delhi, India / GMT+05

Senior Software Engineer Microsoft

Experience of 9 years as fullstack developer & architect

94$ / hour

  • 5 sessions pack-5%
  • 10 sessions pack-10%
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Nick Goupinets Hamilton, Canada / GMT-05

Senior DeveloperSmile CDR

I deliver enterprise solutions using HL7 FHIR & Java. My passion is developing high-quality software that brings value. My interests include Python, Machine Learning and Cloud. I love Agile, Clean Cod...

107$ / hour

  • 5 sessions pack-5%
  • 10 sessions pack-10%
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