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Jamil Zakirov
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Jamil Zakirov

Moscow, Russia / GMT+07

Machine Learning Engineereyezon

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I have been developing algorithms based on machine learning and computer vision for 4 years: classification, segmentation, detection, image generation (GAN, Diffusion). I am proficient in data collection and markup (Yandex Toloka e.t.c.), building repeatable pipelines (DVC, CI/CD), preparing and launching models in production (Docker, AWS, GCP, Yandex.Cloud). Developed backend for image editing service (

🤝 Can help with

Поможетобучающимся самостоятельно прошедшим курсы Junior Middle разобраться с проектом
  • I will tell you about machine learning and computer vision, the processes of working on any data science project
  • I will do a code review of your Python code
  • We can take a detailed look at your project

💻 Work experience

March 2022 — until now

Picturino AICTO

February 2021 — until now

eyezonML Engineer

December 2019 — October 2020

Philips Innovation LabsResearch Scientist

May 2019 — October 2019

HuaweiML intern

🤟 Projects

PyTorch Image Quality

Open-source library with implementation of 30+ metrics for training and evaluating image2image models. Responsible for library design and implementation of ~20 algorithms. Configured CI/CD pipelines, automated documentation, etc.

PfC Cloud

Backend development. Preparing and running 3 computer vision models on AWS. MLOps.

AI Color

Development of an algorithm for automatic image quality improvement. 1. Responsible for data collection and partitioning 2. Model training and quality assessment 3. Conversion to ONNX, TensorRT and CoreML formats, running on iOS, Android, Mac platforms.

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