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Nazarii Romanchenko
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Nazarii Romanchenko

Budapest, Switzerland / GMT+01

Backend Python DeveloperSamsung SDI Hungary

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I have been studying programming languages for more than 5 years and can help with impove your skills at AWS, Terraform, Python, Django, IoT, Microservices, RaspberryPi

🤝 Can help with

  • I can help with understanding the principles of microcontrollers, writing programs from ordinary blinking LEDs to creating IoT projects using C ++: Arduino, ESP8266 / 32, Python: Raspberry Pi. Also will be able to learn basics circuit design with PCB boards
  • Create a back-end server based Python/Django and also connect the above-made device to your web-service and make your first smart thing.
  • Learn to use Django Rest Framework, build Rest API EndPoints. Exploring Django "under the hood"
  • Organize a project delpyment on AWS EC2 with a public IP address with Nginx, https, dns name. And of course it's all in docker/docker-compose :)
  • Learn to build microservices with sync / async architecture based on Django, DRF, RabbitMQ / Redis, Celery using queues and http requests

💻 Work experience

February 2020 — September 2020

Samsung SDI HungarySoftware developer