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Gleb Svechnikov

Tbilisi, Georgia / GMT+04

Senior frontend developerInfoculture

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More than 15 years in web development, I focus on UI development. I've had experience with a lot of tech stacks starting from Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress monolithic architectures back on 2007-2011, to enterprise ASP.NET stack in 2012, to more modern approaches with spared Frontend and Backend with SPA in Angular/React and currently Vue. Also I have experience with SSG on 11ty and recently had great dive into Headless CMS with Directus DMS and Nuxt3.

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  • I'm here to help you a mentor, you may ask me anything related to frontend/UI development

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August 2013 — August 2018

IntermediaTeam lead of UI developers

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Design system

During my tenure at Intermedia from 2013 to 2018, I spearheaded the development of a comprehensive design system. This system played a pivotal role in facilitating efficient collaboration among various teams comprising developers, designers, and product owners. At that time we had 12 heterogeneous product teams working across 4 different time zones, by heterogeneous I mean that teams had different backends and tech stacks such as ASP.NET, Python, PHP, and Java. My journey with the company began as a web developer, ended as Team Lead of small subteam of UI developers inside User Interface Design team. It's all started from UI components library, but listening carefully demands from product owners and developers I've understood that we need something bigger and started pushing design system initiative. Initially, our process involved creating interactive interfaces using mock data, which we then handed over to the developers. This approach was particularly essential, given that many developers primarily worked with ASP.NET, a framework that didn't distinctly separate frontend and backend development. However, as the library gained traction and developers faced mounting responsibilities, they eagerly took on the challenge of developing interfaces themselves. Our library evolved beyond a mere collection of UI components. It transformed into a comprehensive system that featured a robust testing framework powered by the Galen Framework. We also invested significant efforts in creating comprehensive documentation, providing clear instructions, and fostering discussions around design system. Gradually, this system transitioned from being monolithic to an atomic structure, enabling frequent updates and enhancements. To support these developments, I implemented a private npm registry, which served as a pivotal resource for our growing ecosystem. It's important to note that these innovations occurred prior to the widespread availability of tools like Storybook, GitLab with built-in npm registries, and jsdoc. Our journey was marked by pioneering efforts to streamline collaboration and enhance the development process, setting the stage for future advancements in the field.


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