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Alexey Stepanov
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Alexey Stepanov

Москва, Russia / GMT+03

Lead Backend Developer Орбита

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I have wide experience with BackEnd, primary Java/Kotlin language. I've worked with banking, startups and so on. I worked at different positions and roles, My stack and projects include big corporate systems and small startups as well. I can teach you about interview preparation, about job searching and with your currently work tasks

🤝 Can help with

ПоможетMiddle Junior прошедшим курсы обучающимся самостоятельно новичкам разобраться с проектомпрокачать навыкиподготовиться к собеседованиюсоставить карьерный планс выполнением рабочей задачипостроить план обучения
  • Basics of Java, Kotlin, Spring
  • Transferring from Java to Kotlin
  • Interview preparation: Java Core, Spring, etc
  • Patters: GOF, GRASP, SOLID, Microservices, etc
  • Basics of DevOps for developers (GitlabCI, AWS, GCP)
  • Software design of backend of your Java(+Kotlin) application

💻 Work experience

May 2020 — until now

ОрбитаSenior BackEnd Developer