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Aleksandr Belov
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Aleksandr Belov

Barcelona, Spain / GMT+01

Senior ML Engineer

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I’m an ML Engineer with more than 6 years of practical experience. I am well familiar with product metrics. I'm experienced in scientific medical research using Deep Learning. I'm currently working on optimizing LTV in online casino. The main area of interests are FinTech/Crypto startups. I can help companies to build user-friendly Data pipelines and ML models, as well as automate current ones. Development and integration of AB-testing systems, setting and conducting experiments. I can help beginners and advanced Data Scientists/Analysts/Researchers to create a development plan towards ML engineer.

🤝 Can help with

ПоможетJunior Middle Senior прошедшим курсы разобраться с проектомсоставить карьерный планподготовиться к собеседованиюпостроить план обучения
  • Building ML-application architectures
  • Building Data pipelines
  • Automation of ML architectures
  • Assistance in becoming a beginner ML engineer/MLOps, creating a development plan
  • Conducting interviews for the MLOps, ML engineer or Data Scientist positions (Junior, Middle, Senior)
  • Integration of AB testing systems

💻 Work experience

January 2022 — November 2022

Amoss.aiSenior ML Engineer

June 2021 — December 2021

Leroy Merlin RussiaRecSys ML Engineer

January 2020 — June 2021

Philips Innovation LabsDeep Learning Researcher

November 2017 — June 2019

Kaspersky lab.Junior Data Scientist

🤟 Projects

The crypto-startup for the NFT analysis and the automated trading. Developed and implemented end-to-end solution for the analysis and evaluation of NFT from blockchain data. Developed 3 types of trading bots for the Opensea marketplace. Automated pipeline for collecting new data and generating trading predictions.

The biotech-startup for urine analysis at home. Developed and implemented an object recognition algorithm (OpenCV) on a special substrate. Developed an algorithm for comparing colors in the CIE XYZ system to compare the reaction color with reference values. We achieved 98.5% accuracy, which is comparable to a medical device for analysis.

The B2B service for leasing companies. Our solution has been developed to assess the market value of a car and the solvency of a borrower without a credit history. The entire infrastructure has been built from scratch, the CI/CD pipelines for ML models have been automated.