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Solvery may help you, if:

Learning/After coursesHave not worked yet

  • - Graduated or finished courses, however, you need more skills for work

  • - Learning without assistance and you need support

  • - Need to make a skills development plan

  • - Need to create a valuable project for your portfolio

Intern/JuniorFirst internship / job

  • - Have found a job, but it is hard to get used to

  • - Need complex task support

  • - Want to boost a professional growth

  • - Do not want to disturb senior colleagues

Middle2 years working experience

  • - Learn about technology in the related realm

  • - Decision-making help with technical fields

  • - Need help with youк own project

  • - Get a skill assessment from experts


  • - Necessary skill development for employees

  • - Help employees to do technical interviews

  • - Consulting with top expensive-to-hire experts

  • - Education for further employment

What our students say:

Over 400 learning hours were hosted by Solvery by now and first serious goals have been achieved

Dmitriy Chernov

Figured out how the Redux works with  Oleg Korovin

Based on educational sessions with Oleg, I can say that he is highly qualified specialist in his sphere, he explains everything very intelligibly, answers all my question... 

Grigiry Malov

Created the Flutter app with  Artem Zaycev

Lessons were absolutely great! Artem is the real jedi, adapts to your skill level, explains in your language. Thank to the lessons, I've wrote an app that I'm currently u... 

Anastasia Belyaeva

Studied React and got a job after working with  Makar Glavanar

I studied React using Makar's learning program. 1 on 1 format was great. Very comfortable with timing and moving in your own temp. It's also great because you can change ... 

Ivan Kobsev

Finished image classification project on TensorFlow with  Sergey Menshov

The task was: «I need to increase machine learning skills. Beginner Python level. Interested in tensorflow and pytorch frameworks. Priority is with the last one. The task... 

Katerina Antonova

Learned to create Django application with  Dmotriy Tyan

I had to develop a web-service with Docker pretty fast. Being new at programming I didn't know the whole technology stack. First part of time I was learning by myself, bu... 

Roman Tihomin

Prepared for NodeJS technical interview with  Makar Glavanar

The task was to help correctly finish project and explain me important topics for tech interview for Junior back-end developer.I had to build REST API using express frame... 

Oleg Martynov
Lead Developer at Budu.Jobs

Learned how to build Game-dev processes with  Andrey Kochnev

We practice game development, so for the new project we wanted to upgrade our Unity skills. Andrey taught us how to manage processes of engagement with developers, game-d... 

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  • Need temporary consultations, for instance, you are doing a long-term project and occasionally you have to ask an advice


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