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Bulat Hadjamberdiev
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Bulat Hadjamberdiev

Bishkek, Russia / GMT+03

Backend DeveloperWave Studio Digital

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I can offer personal education plan for beginners in Python programming as well as Backend development (Django, Flask, Django REST Framework). I can make you understand basics of HTML/CSS and how to use Bootstrap Framework to create simple user interfaces fast. I have experience in MySQL databases (5.7, 8 versions) and PostgreSQL 12 version. I also have cases of using a Docker. I am a experienced Linux (can guide you to perform administrative tasks and for example read and analyze logs). Engaged in developing Telegram bots (with the help of Telethon, Aiogram Frameworks). I like to teach and help others to achieve their goals. It is a pleasure for me to see how people become fulfilled with new knowledge/skills and understanding of technology behind web development.

🤝 Can help with

  • Python basics, and accompanying tools pip, venv
  • Object Oriented Programming (along with examples in Python)
  • Basics of HTML and CSS Markup Languages and forms
  • Correct usage of Bootstrap library, its grid and other main components
  • Setting up cloud server, VPS, Dedicated server and Linux OS (production and development environment)
  • From the beginning to the end development and configuration of bots for Telegram / Instagram and everything related to their API (including the legal aspect)
  • Understanding of Django Templates, how to use AJAX (without reloading pages) and more
  • Найдем и профиксим баги в Вашем проекте, предложу улучшения.
  • I will teach you how to quickly find the information that you need.

💻 Work experience

May 2020 — May 2021

Global Business NetworkFullStack Developer