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Ruslan Zalalov
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Ruslan Zalalov

Амстердам, Netherlands / GMT+01

Full Stack Developer

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10+ years I've been working as a Software Engineer in big companies like, start-ups and mid-size ones all over the World. I was a part of teams that achieved A-B-C Rounds of investments and went through IPO. I worked in several different countries on-site as well as a freelancer remotely on a contract-based position.

🤝 Can help with

  • I can help Junior developers with tech aspects of language/framework/library, make less amount of mistakes and code properly. Choose the right personal and/or career way depending on their goals.
  • Choosing the right way to grow as a professional for experienced engineers by achieving win-win for both Employee and Employer.
  • Avoiding burnouts for Senior level engineers and understanding the correct way for their future career either manager positions or tech leading or something else.
  • I can help with interviews for both Candidates and Interviewers. My main goal is to make sure that the Candidate will not leave the interview being exhausted and tired.
  • I can help candidates to prepare themselves to be interviewed by big-tech FAANG companies like Google/Amazon/Facebook/Netflix/etc.
  • I can share a lot of information about relocating to another countries and help to figure out how to start the process ( improving your English could be a good start ) ;)

💻 Work experience

April 2020 — until now

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