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Alex Romanov

Москва, Russia / GMT+03

Lead product designerMTS

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More than 15 years in design, 10 years in digital, 5 years in products. I have worked on projects for big companies: Sony, Google, Yota devices, Megafon, Adidas. My main area of expertise right now is product and growth design, I prefer working with startups. Up to date here -

🤝 Can help with

Поможетновичкам обучающимся самостоятельно прошедшим курсы Junior Middle разобраться с проектомпрокачать навыкисобрать портфолиоподготовиться к собеседованиюс выполнением тестового заданияс выполнением рабочей задачи
  • The basics:
  • Composition - Organising objects in a visual space
  • Coloristics - Simple colour work
  • Typography - Fonts and Organization of Text
  • What to Read - Books and Articles
  • Design:
  • Interfaces - Design, rules, cognitive load
  • Web - Envisioning information, Landingpages and Services
  • Identity - Logo and corporate identity for dummies
  • Products:
  • UX-copies and micro-copies - Write comprehensible texts without nutshells
  • CJM, JTBD, CustDev - What's it all for and how does it help a product
  • Metrics - why a designer needs them
  • Careers:
  • Working for an international company - Tips from personal experience
  • Интервью - Подготовка, ответы на вопросы, тестовые задания
  • Interview - Preparing, answering questions, tests
  • Presentation - How to show, argue, be persuasive
  • Self-education - How to get out of a swamp
  • Tools:
  • Figma - Reduce routine and design faster
  • Vectary 3D - Make 3D graphics for a project quick and easy
  • Protopie - Make prototypes look like a real product
  • After Effects - Animation for interfaces and presentations
  • Tilda / Readymag - Quickly make a website using the constructor
  • Consulting:
  • Commenting, suggesting, recommending, analysing, advising, making a smart face

💻 Work experience

September 2020 — March 2023

PitchMeLead Product designer

February 2018 — June 2020

3205Product designer

July 2018 — February 2020

Pay-ZProduct designer

September 2010 — March 2016

Play!Art Director

September 2009 — October 2010

City of successful brandsDesigner

August 2007 — September 2008

Stendex3D Designer

September 2006 — September 2007

SyndicateWeb designer

🤟 Projects

Yotaphone2 Academy

An internal project of Yota devices. Allowed to train salespeople to sell Yotaphone 2 smartphones and form motivational programmes. Developed as a website with a mobile part.


A complex and comprehensive project. A contactless payment system for installation in any shop. The customer uses an app on his smartphone to buy goods in real shops and pay at special terminals avoiding queues at checkout counters. The most interesting part of the project is the offline scenarios. I visited shops and followed people around to understand how they buy and choose goods. I read a book on the psychology of shopping to understand the nuances - it helped us to set up the terminal correctly and identify the points of contact with the user.

Televzr PRO

A project on which I learned how to develop and grow a product. It is a media library with a subscription-based monetisation model. It was promoted in the US, Indian and English-speaking markets. The main selling feature is the ability to download videos and audio via direct link. Our team raised the product from zero to profits of over $10,000 per month. As a designer, I designed the product interface for desktop and mobile apps, website, landing pages and identity. Conducted many experiments to find product growth points and eliminate bottle necks.

Chatfuel onboarding

This was a competition project for Chatfuel, a chatbot service for Messenger. It is basically just an onboarding concept in the form of a dialogue with a chatbot that talks about itself. Was made by me and my manager within a week. Built a working prototype on Readymag. Won 3rd place.


This is my current product - a skills-based recruitment service. The company is based in the UK and works for the European market.