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Dmitry Shurov

Moscow, Russia / GMT+03

Software Engineer, Pipeline Technical DirectorFABLEfx

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I am a professional developer since 2012. I've been programming in Python for more than 8 years and will be glad to help you master the basics of this language and delve into more complicated topics of software development, such as software architecture, design patterns, microservices, as well as share my experience in developing commercial projects and talk about the difficulties and pitfalls of creating complex software products. I'll be glad to hold for you a code review or a paired programming session, and also help you to implement your project. I'll tell you how to prepare for an interview and write a resume. Please get in touch with me, I'll be glad to help you!

🤝 Can help with

Поможетновичкам обучающимся самостоятельно прошедшим курсы Junior Middle разобраться с проектомпрокачать навыкисобрать портфолиоподготовиться к собеседованиюс выполнением тестового заданияпройти обучение по программес выполнением рабочей задачисоставить карьерный план
  • I would be happy to help with general programming issues such as software architecture, design patterns, clean code, as well as back-end development and computer graphics development.
  • I will help you with the development of microservice architecture.
  • I would love to look at your code and give advice on how to improve it.
  • I will do a code review in Python.
  • I will hold a session of pair programming.

💻 Work experience

February 2022 — until now

FABLEfxSoftware Engineer, Pipeline Technical Director

July 2021 — February 2022


May 2014 — July 2021

CGFComputer graphics software R&D engineer, Head of R&D

September 2012 — November 2013

Moscow State UniversitySoftware R&D Engineer

🤟 Projects

CGF Nimble - Facial Motion Capture System

Designed and developed from scratch a hardware-software complex including a helmet, software for recording, tracking, analyzing and retargeting human facial expressions on a 3D character. Stack: C++, Python, Unreal Engine.

Elena Digital Avatar for Sber

Managed a project to develop a digital presenter on the side of the contractor, CGF Innovation. Developed a pipeline for automating the rendering of a digital presenter. Stack: Python.

Kaspersky Anti-Targeted Attack Platform

Participated in the development of microservices for the software product backend. Actively participated in writing automated tests. Stack: Python.

3MTK - Moscow Molecular Modeling Tool Kit

Designed the architecture and implemented a set of components for a tool for visualizing biomolecules and their electron density maps. Stack: C++