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Denis Gladkiy
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Denis Gladkiy

Novosibirsk, Russia / GMT+07

Senior Software EngineerCadwise

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I am a specialist in computer graphics. Over the years of working in the industry, I have solved problems related to visualization in 3D and 2D games, CAD, GIS, banking, and web applications. One of the peculiarities of computer graphics is the need to delve into many other areas of software engineering. A Pascal-like language interpreter for clothing design system, distributed computing for global illumination, client-server interactions in games (at the TCP/IP and UDP level) and banking applications (at the HTTP level) - this is far from a complete list of developments that I have had to implement. I can help you acquire both fundamental programming knowledge and understand more specific topics in computer graphics, operating systems, parallel computing, and network programming. In my free time from programming, I engage in sports (fencing, cycling, running, swimming), tabletop games (MTG, Warhammer, Flesh&Blood), and taking care of my beloved cat.

🤝 Can help with

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  • understanding the language constructs of C#, C++, C, Java (motivation, pitfalls, patterns of application).
  • a code review; if desired - with a focus on a specific aspect (style, architecture, clarity, reliability).
  • mastering the basics of 3D graphics (shaders, matrices, organization of data and calculations), network and parallel programming, object-oriented analysis, and design.
  • delving deeply into the topic of clothing CAD development (algorithms and data structures, pitfalls, architecture).
  • creating a plan for further development (books, articles, sequence of study, and list of subjects).

💻 Work experience

September 2016 — until now

CadwiseLead CAD software engineer (C#, C++)

August 2008 — January 2022


September 2014 — September 2016

2GISLead graphics software engineer (C++)

July 2013 — September 2014

FTCAdnroid software engineer (Java), Team Lead

August 2011 — May 2013

PlaytoxAdnroid software engineer, Team Lead

November 2010 — August 2011

MS TeamAndroid software engineer (Java)

October 2005 — November 2010

SoftLab-NSKC++/Java/C# cg engineer

🤟 Projects


I maintained and developed visual special effects based on particle systems, developed quest creation tools, and conducted research and experiments in the field of interactive 3D graphics (using DirectX9). All of this was done on Windows using C++ and Java.


I developed GUI, automated build and testing processes, implemented data synchronization with cloud services, and was responsible for code architecture and overseeing junior programmers.


Implemented rendering of the product and mannequin in the browser. Implemented a pipeline for constructing patterns and their physical simulation on the mannequin. Programmed the Operational Transformation algorithm for clothing CAD with a browser-based UI.


Developed route visualization for a navigation system.

Card Beeline

As part of a team of three people, I developed from scratch and released the first version of a mobile bank for the company Beeline on Google Play in five months.

My Farm

Implemented OpenGL ES rendering and delivery pipeline of animated flash content, including an exporter of fla files (output from Adobe Flash) into a proprietary data format. Developed a PhoneGap-like protocol for interaction between the game server and client. Created a platform (referred to as an "engine") for enhancing browser-based games for iOS/Android, including sound effects, animations, and platform integration. Organized the development process for the Android client.