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Sumit Anantwar
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Sumit Anantwar

Paphos, Кипр / GMT+02

Lead Mobile DeveloperFreelancer

Hi myself Sumit Anantwar. I've been doing mobile app development for iOS and Android since 2009 and have been working remotely since 2012. During my ten years of experience I have worked for multiple startups and established organizations and have gained skills in all the levels of app development life cycle, from concept to production. I'm comfortable taking the design wireframes and translating them to fluent UI. Using methodologies like TDD, Reactive Programming, and Dependency Injection, along with design patterns like in MVVM and VIPER I can develop scalable, maintainable and performant apps. On the iOS platform, I develop using Swift 5, and have professionally use frameworks RxSwift, RxCocoa, Swinject, Moya, and Alamofire, just to name a few. On the Android platform, I develop using Kotlin, and I am adept with frameworks like RxJava, RxKotlin, Dagger, Retrofit, Conductor, and Android lifecycle components. I have worked as a Senior Mobile Developer as well as Mobile Team Lead, and have helped my previous organizations to successfully create and maintain distributed teams. My portfolio consists of greenfield projects, research projects, as well as establish projects, with over a million monthly active users. I'm a proponent of Continues Deployment and have used Fastlane, Jenkins, CircleCI, Bit Rise, Fabric, and HockeyApp, for publishing to the Beta and Production Channels.

🤝 С чем могу помочь

  • I will patiently work with you and help you understand every programming concept.
  • Don't let Data Structures and Algorithms overwhelm you. I will clarify all the concepts and help you breeze through that terrifying tech test.
  • I will review your code and suggest best practices to make it performant and maintainable
  • I will help you become an Android or iOS pro developer
  • I will explain to you TDD in simple words and help you make your app testable

💻 Резюме

January 2020 — по настоящее время

Self employed Freelance Mobile Engineer - iOS and Android

November 2019 — December 2019

SwissborgSenior iOS Engineer

July 2019 — October 2019

Babylon HealthSenior Android Engineer

March 2016 — June 2019

Populi LtdLead Mobile Developer – Android and iOS (Remote)

March 2014 — February 2016

Mauritius Research CouncilLead Mobile Engineer – Android (Remote)

February 2011 — February 2014

GES S.A.Lead Mobile Engineer – Android and iOS

🤟 Проекты

Vox Connect

I was responsible for developing the audio streaming app. For choosing the appropriate framework, I investigated different media streaming protocols including RTP, RTSP, RTMP, UDP, and finally decided to use WebRTC for its easy setup, configuration, and low latency. Vox Connect streams audio over Local WiFi and over the Internet. The app was developed to enhance communication between the tour guides and tourists. Two versions of the app were developed, broadcaster and receiver. WebRTC was used as the streaming framework. For streaming over the local WiFi, TCP Sockets were used as Signaling Server for exchanging WebRTC SDPs & Candidates For streaming over the internet, the signaling server was built using the Phoenix WebSocket library. A portable version of the app was also deployed on a Variscite iMX8 Android board packaged with a portable router.

Swissborg: Invest in Crypto

I was responsible for defining the REST API endpoints and structure, and to implement the Crypto Exchange Workflow.

Babylon Health

I was responsible for implementing the Repeat Prescriptions Workflow


POP Guide is an Audio Tour Guide app, featuring many tourist attractions around the globe. The key features of the app included • Outdoor and Indoor Maps. • 100% Offline, turn-by-turn navigation for outdoor maps. • Audio Player for Guided Tours • Autoplay based on the user’s GPS location • Functionality for Tour Operators to provide customized tour packages unlocked using pre-generated credentials. • Integration with back-end REST APIs, for authentication, package download, and app usage analytics.

Smart Irrigation System

This project aims at developing an Automated Remotely Monitorable, Smart Irrigation System, which can promise optimum water usage with minimal human intervention. The devised framework was based on Arduino Uno microcontroller coupled with Raspberry Pi, controlling a mesh network of sensors equipped with Zigbee wireless modules (Xbee 2B + Teensy). All the data collected from the sensors is processed on the Raspberry Pi and fed to the server. The whole system can be managed through a web-based controller. An Android app was developed to supplement the controller.

🎓 Образование

University of Hertfordshire

Computer Science

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