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Flavio Diez
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Flavio Diez

Frankfurt, Германия / GMT+01

Product Owner/Team Leadright. Based on Science

I have started my journey doing R&D into Mobile and Cloud computing, than I went to a Business Intelligence company followed by a Fintech Company. The last few years I've worked as a consultant on a multitude of projects where I've learned several tools and solutions to problems. Now I am heading a small team and I have 3 Products which I manage.

🤝 С чем могу помочь

  • Code Reviews - Clean Code and Testability
  • TDD - Test Driven Design
  • From Zero to Hero - Learn programming from Scratch
  • WebProgramming - From pure HTML+ CSS + JS to the Frameworks (VUE, AngularJS and React)
  • Flutter - Create awesome looking apps in just a couple of days
  • Full stack analysis - Architecture Review and Brainstorming
  • Brainstorm your idea - Lets help you to get from your idea to the developed product. What you need and steps conception

💻 Резюме

August 2020 — по настоящее время

right. Based on scienceProduct Owner and Team Lead

May 2018 — August 2020

codecentric AGLead Software Engineer

January 2016 — June 2020

360 Treasury SystemsSenior Software Engineer