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Charles Allison
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Charles Allison

Port Harcourt, Нигерия / GMT+01

Independent Solutions ArchitectSoprinye Services

I'm a software craftsman and with almost a decade in software development, I've worked on desktop, monolith web and micro services apps using docker and led software teams with amazing success stories. I also love to break down complex concepts into simple and understandable stories and have recorded 99.9% success rate from students taught by me.

🤝 С чем могу помочь

  • Software Developer Career Advice
  • Java, C#, Python, Code Review, Unit Testing
  • Spring Boot, JavaFX
  • AWS Cloud Solutions and Serverless
  • Databases (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Microservices, Nginx, Docker
  • Node.js

💻 Резюме

December 2019 — March 2020

Dryva Transport SystemsSoftware Architect (Consulting)

October 2019 — December 2019

CypherCrescent Ltd.Principal Software Engineer

July 2019 — October 2019

CypherCrescent Ltd.Senior Developer/Team Lead

October 2018 — December 2019

CypherCrescent Ltd.Software Academy Director

July 2018 — October 2018

CypherCrescent Ltd.Senior Developer - Reservoir Engineering Team

May 2015 — September 2018

CypherCrescent Ltd.Software Developer/Lead Developer

April 2012 — December 2015

CypherCrescent Ltd.Software Developer

January 2008 — January 2009

Piracle TechFull Stack Web Developer

🤟 Проекты

Developing Lambda Functions in AWS

This project was my entry into serverless technology/architecture using AWS Lambda. Written in Python, this project implements a simple site visitor counter using Lambda functions, DynamoDB, API Gate way, Route 53 and CloudFront, Amazon's CDN

Gift Card Service

In order to understand the SparkJava framework, I decided to get my hands dirty by building a simple gift card service using SparkJava framework with Freemarker template engine.

Simple Weather Application

A simple Node.js that fetches weather report based on location entered by user. I usually use this project to teach server side development with Node.js

🎓 Образование


Software Engineering