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Iurii Didenko
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Iurii Didenko

Bratislava, Словакия / GMT+01

Lead Front-end Developer Qualysoft

10+ years in Front-End. Working for the enterprise company as a lead Front-End. I have an expertise and can share my experience in the following areas: - Angular (from 4 and to the latest one) - Angular Material (including in-deep customising the theme, up to creating own design system) - RxJs, NgRx - Typescript - JS - CSS (SASS/SCSS) - HTML

🤝 С чем могу помочь

  • how to design the Angular project architecture
  • how to cutomise Angular material or even create own design system
  • how to use Redux patterns with RxJs and manage app state with NgRx
  • how to use Reactive and Template-driven forms
  • what's MVC and DDD (domain driven design)
  • what are components, modules, directives, services, pipes, etc.
  • unit testing the Angular app
  • E2E tests with Cypress
  • mono-repo with multiple projects and libs

💻 Резюме

November 2017 — по настоящее время

QualysfotLead Front-End