Franklin Ventura
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Franklin Ventura

Tucson, Соединенные Штаты / GMT-07

Senior Software EngineerRoche

I am a self taught programmer, now with 10 years of industry experience, specializing in rapid desktop application, database, and website development. I have created several wxPython/PyQt GUIs for scientists to use, released a Django website with over 1000 daily users, deployed Plotly Dash data visualizations, and regularly maintain an ETL pipeline for image analysis using Airflow/Prefect integrating Google services, OpenCV, and Pandas. I volunteer to teach programming at the local university and a local high school in addition to leading a local Python meetup group.

🤝 С чем могу помочь

  • getting started or advancing in programming in Python
  • getting started or advancing in creating a Django website
  • expanding and progressing in Python
  • using any Python library/framework
  • creating GUIs in Python
  • designing data visualizations in Plotly and Dash
  • compiling Python applications to executable to share

💻 Резюме

май 2011 — по настоящее время

RocheSenior Software Engineer

май 2010 — по настоящее время

Theta TauNational Operations Manager

🎓 Образование

University of Arizona

Biomedical Engineering

Arizona State University

MS - Systems and Software Engineering