Maria Vturina
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Maria Vturina

London, United Kingdom / GMT+0
Software Engineer Intern в Google

I love working with data and finding interesting patterns in it.

PythonSQLInterview preparationData Base
🤝 С чем могу помочь
  • Могу помочь изучить основы программирования на Python
  • Могу научить основам работы с запросами на SQL
  • Помогу подготовиться к техническому интервью
💻 Резюме

август 2019 — декабрь 2019

Google — EMEA Intern

февраль 2019 — апрель 2019

JetBrains — Intern

март 2018 — июль 2018

Google — EMEA Intern

апрель 2017 — август 2017

Везет всем — Analyst

🤟 Проекты

Monthly email for Timeline team

I worked in Google Maps Timeline team. My project centered around development of a pipeline for analysis of geolocation logs and presentation of aggregate results. It also included Android development and work with maps. The changes I made were released to production and sent to millions of users.

Anomaly detection

My project is to develop and implement anomaly detection service for Google AdSense

Full line code completion

I was involved in a project about predicting the next string of Python 3 code. Our team created a pipeline for predicting a complete string for Python 3 and built in plugin with completion for JupyterLab computational environment.

🎓 Образование


Master of Computer Science Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Computer Science Center

Coursework includes: data structures and algorithms, asymptotic analysis and probability theory, machine learning, statistics, NLP, discrete mathematics


Bachelor of Computer Science Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia