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Ivan Isaev
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Ivan Isaev

Moscow, Russia / GMT+03

Software Engineer / Golang,

9 years of production experience in Go, Python, PHP. I worked in international companies: America, Thailand, the Philippines. I'll help you to become a backend Jedi and master of microservices and skill up in DBs.

🤝 Can help with

  • Помогу стать джедаем бекенда и гуру микросервисов, прокачаю по БД и раскрою все секреты прохождения собеседований.
  • Обучу тайной магией Go, научу программировать. Помогу подготовиться к собеседованию. Расскажу что такое чистый код и почему писать тесты это важно.
  • Помогу освоить python или прокачать определенные скиллы. Покажу как прекрасен мир без Django, что монолит это зло и научу работать с docker.

💻 Work experience

August 2019 — until now

Coins.phSoftware Engineer

March 2019 — August 2019

AviasalesSoftware Engineer

November 2016 — February 2019

Digital ContactSoftware Engineer

November 2015 — October 2016

Мир МагнитовFull-stack Developer

May 2015 — November 2015

FreelanceFull-stack Developer

August 2012 — May 2015

Future Internet AgencyFull-stack Developer

🤟 Projects

Digital Contact

Backend developer at highload project, like unisender, mailchimp for the USA. Designed and implemented a core highload microservices: • wrapping links in emails; • tracking actions: open, click, unsub in emails; • recommendations for Ecommerce, based on a collaborative filtering; • trigger chains in real time; • segmentation system, based on 3 storages: Mysql, MongoDB, ClickHouse; And: • Designed and implemented a storage for all statistics(big data) in Clickhouse; • Optimized sql queres; • Being mentor for newcomers and junior developers. Technology stack: - Python / Golang - MySQL / MongoDB / ClickHouse / RabbitMQ / ElasticSearch - Docker / Kubernetes

🎓 Education


Faculty of Cybernetics